The Belém national cycle Seminar Lectures tomorrow's Cities took place in Bethlehem the day 27 October 2015. The National Cycle of Lectures Cities of tomorrow is a traveling debate in 9 Brazilian capitals, a cultural project sponsored by CAU/RJ and UFF, selected and approved in public notice in 2014.

In Bethlehem the seminar with the local organization of the graduate program in architecture and Urbanism. The goal of the cycle is to discuss the current condition of our cities, the standardization of its landscape, the architecture produced in the country-and its role and effect on the use of public space, the dynamics of neighborhoods and cities and their environment.   In Bethlehem the seminar was conducted by Prof. Dr. Vinicius de Moraes Netto of the Fluminense Federal University, Prof. Dr. José Júlio Lima and Profa. Dr. Ana Claudia Duarte Cardoso. The cities that received the cycle were: Brasilia (24/06), Rio de Janeiro (19/08), Curitiba (26/08), Florianópolis (27/08), Porto Alegre (28/08), São Paulo (08/09), Recife (24/09), Christmas (25/09) and Bethlehem (27/10).