Registration period

8/14/2015 to 9/10/2015



9/11/2015 to 9/19/2015


The registrations can be made online (except for defenses and extensions) or in person.


Registration instructions for teachers (tutorial)


Registration instructions for students


Freshmen must initially talk to their counselors to know which module (s) shall compose your plates. Defined modules, students may enroll by performing the following steps:


A- Access the integrated management system of academic activities – Sigaa at the address:;


If students have login and password for graduation must use them to access the Sigaa and carry out the registration, as described in item B below.


If students do not have login and password graduation, you should click on the Student tab and perform the registration in the system or directly access the address:


B-start of the registration process. Click:


1- Teaching

2- online Registration

3- Perform registration


On the next screen, click on Courses.


In Subjects, click on the squares to the left, the components corresponding to their area of Concentration.


All freshmen should enroll also in scientific research in architecture and Urbanism.


After that, click Add classes.


Click Confirm registration. The system asks if you want to print the certificate of Registration.


Complete the process.


Students who will enroll in Research oriented, Participation in research and Teaching internship must Access Complementary Activities.