Area of Concentration: Analysis and Conception of the Built Environment in the Amazon


The area of concentration  "Analysis and conception of the built environment in the Amazon" covers the different performances of architecture and urbanism in the Amazon reality through theory, history, project and technology. This diversity encompasses the areas of project theory, theory and history of architecture, comfort of built space, preservation and memory, conservation and restoration of historic buildings, planning theory and urban design.


Research Line:

Architecture, City Design and Environmental Performance

It involves understanding and interpreting the building and the city via analysis of the built space, production and urban management, environmental performance and energy efficiency, theoretical approach to architectural design and urban design, memory, cultural heritage and critical thinking over architectural culture, regarding the historical, cultural, environmental, symbolic, aesthetic and affective nature of socially constructed areas. Always stimulating the dialogue with other fields of knowledge.


Research Line:

Constructive Technologies, Conservation and Restoration

It involves the analysis of imovable property through the approaches of Archeology of architecture, theory and technology of preservation, conservation and restoration of material cultural property, aiming at the documentation of heritage, the development of materials and construction techniques, the evaluation of the buildings conservation status and of the weathering action in historical monuments, as well as the durability of restorative procedures and new technologies appropriate to local conditions by means of the interrelationship with other sciences.